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LiDAR Systems

LiDAR – Optical remote sensing technology which can measure distance using a laser beam.

The laser beam creates a digital three-dimensional point object where each point corresponds to a geographical coordinate.


Surveying services:

  • Designing
  • Reconstruction
  • Landslide measurement
  • Coast/ edge protection risk assessment
  • Research works
  • Exploration works

LiDAR Data – Point Cloud

Topography with High Precision Laser Aerial Scanning (LIDAR):

Positioning accuracy 1 cm

Accuracy of points within 2 cm

Referenced-classified data in LAS format

Topographic Map

Atodesk Civil 3D, DWG format – XML, DEM

Aerial photography

Color Orthophoto (RGB)
Resolution per pixel 5 cm
Planned accuracy from 10 cm to 40 cm

Advantages of LiDAR

  • Ability to work in difficult geographical conditions
  • Time saving
  • Accuracy