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Since 1956 different kind of plants such as Mechanical, Electric and hydro equipment repair plants, equipped with up to 50 largest, rare types of machines operate in Energony

What we own:

  • Plasma cutting machine
  • Sheet metal grinder
  • Carousel machine tools
  • Radial drilling machines
  • Carpentry screwdrivers
  • machine with internal lathe (with software control)
  • machine tool with internal lathe (with hand control)
  • Longitudinal bending machine tools
  • Vertical milling machine
  • Horizontal rabbet machine
  • Horizontal flat grinding machine tools
  • Electric bridge cranes with a capacity of 5 t, 10 t, 20 t, 50 t
  • Universal drilling machine tool
  • Universal drilling machine
  • Hydraulic presses with a bed capacity of 63 t, 100 t
  • Steel sheet cutting heliothine machine
  • Universal scissors for round steel cutting
  • manual DC arc welding machines
  • hand-held DC multi-busbar arc welding machine
  • Automatic welding machine
  • Round mill machine

ენერგონის მრავალწლიანი გამოცდილების მქონე დარგის ექსპერტების მიერ ხდება შემდეგი ტიპის სამუშაოების შესრულება:

The following types of work are performed by field experts with many years of experience:

  • All types of generator poles repair and rehabilitation
  • Delivery-installation and overhaul of spherical and disc locks with different diameter
  • Complete recovery of pumps and motors with different power
  • Restoration and / or manufacture of components for hydraulic aggregates
  • Carpentry works
  • Carousel machine works
  • Milling and rabbet machine works
  • Restoration of bearings by inserting new layer of babbitt
  • Manufacture and restoration of metal structures of any complexity
  • Rolling of sheet steels
  • Plasma cutting of any thickness sheet steel
  • Sheet steel cutting with guillotine