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Construction and Rehabilitation of solar wind power plants

One of the sources of renewable energy is solar energy, the full and safe use of which is a priority direction of energy policy for many leading countries.

As known, solar energy, unlike all other traditional energy sources, is practically inexhaustible and environmentally safe. Solar energy is converted into electricity using a number of constantly evolving modern technologies, such as photoelectronic systems (solar panels) and thermal energy concentration systems (lenses and mirrors).
Electricity received from solar energy can be used both in the electricity grid and in individual consumption.
Georgia has a very high potential for receiving and using solar energy.
The average annual sunshine hours in most areas ranges from 250 to 280 days, which is 1900-2200 hours per year. The total annual potential of solar energy in Georgia is estimated at up to 110 MW, which is equivalent to 34 thousand tons of conventional fuel per year.
The state has taken important steps to implement an electricity metering system from renewable energy sources, which allows anyone to connect their own power plants to the common grid. The similar type of power plants provides a capacity of up to 500 kilowatts, which is very attractive for investors. However, the power plant and the consumption facility may be at different locations.
Solar energy is becoming more and more popular as a source of household and industrial energy. Commercial purpose use makes it more competitive in the market. In due time the use of solar energy as green energy will become one of the priority directions of our country’s energy independence.