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Construction-Rehabilitation of wind, solar and thermal power plants

Energony is ready to assist the state in the efficient use of all types of energy resources by building wind, solar and thermal power plants.
Construction-Rehabilitation of wind power plants
Wind is the safest and most environmentally friendly source of renewable energy, recognized and implemented by the world’s leading countries.

The need to utilize alternative renewable energies has led to declining fossil fuel reserves and problems with their extraction and use. The effectiveness of these sources is mainly determined by their inexhaustibility and ecological cleanliness. Interest in renewable energy has also increased amid rising prices for traditional organic fuels (oil, coal, natural gas, etc.).
A wind farm is a group of individual turbines that convert wind energy into electricity. Wind power plants can supply electricity both in the power system and in a dead end, in an isolated network of consumers.
Wind farms can be based onshore or offshore where higher wind speeds are available.
Technological advances in wind turbine manufacturing and design optimization lead to increased capacity, significantly reducing environmental impacts for electricity generation.
Georgia has significant wind energy potential. According to the wind energy potential, the territory of Georgia is divided into zones. According to studies conducted, several polygons of perspective location of efficient wind power plants have been identified, which can be located in the areas adjacent to Poti, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Tbilisi, Rikoti Pass and the river Chorokhi. However there is currently only one Shida Kartli wind farm in the country with an installed capacity of no more than 20 MW.
Planned and full utilization of renewable energy sources becomes important according to the country’s energy policy. In this regard, the construction of wind farms in the near future will be one of the promising and priority directions on the path of our country’s energy independence.